Volatiles Technician - Part Time

Position Summary

organics technician performs preparation techniques for the instrumental
analysis of environmental samples for the determination of organic compounds
(semi-volatile and/or volatile). Day to day activities include running
environmental samples using GC or GC/MS systems in conjunction with automated
sample introduction systems. Technicians
will perform sample preparation, sample dilutions, checking sample pHs, pull
sample bottles, load instruments, maintain logbooks and enter sequences on a PC.
Technicians will utilize basic scheduling in the SGS Laboratory
Information Management System (LIMS).

personnel will train and work under an Analyst II or higher staff member.

Essential Duties &

  • Prepare
    and sequence environmental samples according to approved test methods and SGS SOPs using GC and/or GCMS
  • Utilize
    and understand essential Chemstation/Enviroquant functions for sequencing
  • Locate
    and pull all required samples, tracking samples through the internal chain of
  • Utilize
    LIMS functions including generating work lists, assigning job status.
  • Maintain
    all required documentation with accuracy and clarity.
  • Read,
    understand and perform all applicable laboratory SOPs as written. Perform initial and annual Demonstration of
  • Maintain
    familiarity with quality control measures and calculations required for
    applicable methods.
  • Ensure
    laboratory glassware is properly cleaned and maintained.
  • Follow
    all SGS Safety, Ethics and Quality practices.
  • Maintain
    a clean and safe work area.
  • Participate
    in staff meetings.
  • Required
    to load four or more instruments on a day to day basis.
  • Receive
    close supervision related to specific work activities, assignments, methods,
    etc; usually receive frequent surveillance over job activities; instructions
    are detailed and assignments are typical short-term.
  • The ability to separate emotional feelings from the
    real issues at hand. The ability to legitimately and objectively challenge
    the substance of our beliefs and biases of our observations.
  • The ability to meet commitments made to yourself and
    others, keeping the promises you make, and acknowledging and accepting the
    choices you have made, the actions you have taken, and the results they
    have led to.
  • The ability to write and speak effectively using
    appropriate convention based on the situation; actively listens to others,
    asks questions to verify understanding, and uses tact and consideration
    when delivering feedback to others.
  • Demonstrate responsiveness and adaptability following
    change initiatives, and demonstrates ongoing support for change efforts.
  • Understand and comprehend information, as well as
    find application and value from new knowledge.
  • Exhibits high levels of energy and enthusiasm.
  • Methodical and efficient in structuring tasks to be
  • Identifies and resolves issues timely by gathering
    and analyzing information skillfully.
  • Uses time efficiently by prioritizing and planning
    work activities.
  • Demonstrates upmost level of integrity in all
    instances, and shows respect towards others and towards company
  • Shares key information with others involved in a
    project or effort, works in harmony to accomplish objectives, responds
    with enthusiasm to directives, and shows support for departmental and
    organizational decisions.
  • Sets high standards and measures of excellence to
    ensure quality assurance in every aspect of work performed.
  • Takes
    personal responsibility and ownership for adhering to all company policies
    and procedures while also completing work timely and in accordance with
    performance expectations.
Physical Demands
  • Ascending or
    descending stairs, ramps and the like, using feet and legs and/or hands and
  • Moving about on foot to accomplish task
    for sustained periods of time.
  • Standing, particularly for sustained
    periods of time.
  • Raising objects from a lower to a
    higher position or moving object horizontally from position to position.
  • Substantial movements (motion) of the
    wrist, hands, and/or fingers in a repetitive manner.
  • No special vision requirements
  • Light physical activity performing
    non-strenuous daily activities of a productive/technical nature.
  • Exerting
    up to 10 pounds of force occasionally to lift, carry, pull, or otherwise move
  • Manual dexterity sufficient to
    reach/handle items, and works with the fingers.
Work Environment
  • Well-lighted, heated and/or
    air-conditioned indoor office/production setting with adequate ventilation.
  • Work near moving mechanical parts.
  • Air contamination (i. e., dust, fume,
    smoke, toxic conditions, disagreeable odors)
  • Toxic or caustic chemicals
  • Moderate noise (examples: business
    office with computers and printers, light traffic)
  • Regular work schedule.

Don't Be Fooled

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